The Autumn Statement seems to drift later with each passing year, with the 2016 Autumn Statement set to be announced on 23 November. 

Already the leaks and hints of what it will contain have started to emerge.  However, I will be looking between the high profile statements for news of the findings of the Lord Hestletine led panel, tasked with developing a national strategy for Estate Regeneration, which is due to report back to parliament in time for the statement. 

The panel was announced alongside Cameron's £140 million fund to support the regeneration of 100 housing estates across the country. Although the panel has a large remit of complex issues to focus on, it is composed of many heavy hitters from the world of government and housing. Looking beyond the £140 million pound fund attached to the issue - which will not go far in the realm of housing development - the findings will be important given that the review and development of the Housing and Planning Act are still underway. Hestletine has promised that the strategy will have the views and perspectives of residents at its heart and hopefully this will be borne out in its work.

The LSE and JRF have created impressive and thorough reports on the factors and issues the panel should consider within their work. I would thoroughly recommend others to explore these reports and look between the big announcements on the 26th for the findings of this important panel.