An innovation has arisen to tackle the need for affordable housing. A scheme  looks to combine housing provision with the needs of the local community. Dot Dot Dot is a property guardianship scheme which requires its guardians to undertake a minimum number of volunteering hours in return for reduced rent. 

Guardianship schemes offer community benefits by securing vacant properties, which may attract anti-social behaviour and vandalism. It also offers support through its community of guardians to the guardians themselves. 

Dot Dot Dot is an innovative solution which adds a community centered focus to the role of guardians. Similar to Art Guard, which provides housing and studio space for artists within guardianship schemes, Dot Dot Dot looks to the need for community focused housing solutions. This scheme has been recognised by Nesta, for innovation in its field, and awarded grants in two rounds of the Innovation in Giving Fund

Schemes of this nature should be celebrated as they add an extra community angle on traditional guardianship routes. It will be interesting to see what other schemes come out of this field in the future. As guardianship is a field attracting creative and dynamic projects.