'Creating good city economies in the UK' is a report co-produced by New Start, NEF and CLES, which challenges the traditional approach to economic regeneration. 

Mainstream media do not focus on how deprived the UK is in some places, and we too often forget how close this deprivation is to us. Using the concept of "doughnut of deprivation", New Start easily manages to make us realise that traditional regeneration relies on mainstream economics, producing arguments such as 'HS2 will reduce poverty', which are too simplistic and more importantly wrong.

Over the past two years at Renaisi, I had the chance to work on projects where regeneration was not only town centres, big employers, and infrastructure investment. Big Lottery-funded programmes such as Big Local or Power to Change do put local people at the heart of regeneration, and  are far more likely to create good places with just a million pounds than heavy investment that is unresponsive to local needs.

I now realise that I may have taken "good regeneration" for granted and I am definitely going to read this report.