London's new mayor ran on a platform of addressing the capital's housing crisis. He is looking to address one of its most controversial elements, through the publication of a guide of best practice for Estate Regeneration projects.  This follows the work of the London Assembly, which looked into the tensions between the needs and desires for demolition and refurbishment of housing estates . 

This is welcome news, as often what looms in peoples minds when estate regeneration is raised is the controversial decisions by local authorities some of which have been recently overruled.  

This often overshadows the well received and popular projects going on in boroughs; with amazing work being done by Local Authorities and housing associations in conjunction and collaboration with local communities. 

Another important element is that the new mayor leads by example. Boris Johnson routinely overrode the wishes of local authorities on key schemes, such as Mount Pleasant. It will be crucial that Khan shouts about the amazing and essential work being done in Estate Regeneration projects across the capital, whilst also ensuring that those projects which are not up to standard are encouraged to improve.