Habits, traditions, customs. The everyday. 

Frequently undervalued in the face of the new, the above also come up when you talk to people who feel cut off from the new or the innovative. They crave a bit of habit and everyday in the face of change they don't immediately understand. I have come across this in a great swathe of research and evaluation projects that involve people who need some support.

The nice thing about the below report from Carnegie Trust on kindness, is that it begins to unpick why. It highlights its conditions and enablers. People aren't after tradition for its own sake, but as a route through what they know, to a sense of community, self and identity. Kindness, trust and love are often the ways to it. I've said it several times in studies, particularly ones that are small scale and community based: success comes from a good lead worker and a sense of kindness and empathy.

Perhaps this research programme can start to build a greater appreciation of the value of such things. There are wonderful examples out there (including North and South London Cares who we have worked with and have written about their work today), and they need to be built on and learnt from.