As a woman, a feminist, and a researcher, the threatened closure of the Feminist Library in Southwark is an issue close to my heart.

Recent rises in rent are cited as the reason that the Library will not be able to remain in the area for much longer.

This is another example of how women's services are being eroded from communities. Last year Eaves, a women’s charity in Lambeth, closed its doors after over 30 years of supporting women who experience violence and abuse, leaving a huge gap in support for those women.

As the quote below demonstrates, the Library and other similar local amenities for women, are vital assets offering a diverse range of services that are of real value to local communities.

Now it seems not only women’s services are being lost, but an important historical resource may be too. To lose this valuable cultural asset would be a blow to the community, women’s history and present and future feminist researchers.