Diversity of all kinds is important to see on organisation's boards. 

This story of the positive benefits of board membership within Lewisham Homes can be see in both the experience and personal development gained by the individual and the fresh perspective and ideas they can offer the organisation itself. Additionally there can be positives for the wider community with the provision of positive role models. 

Last year the issue of gender diversity on corporate boards was firmly in the spotlight, encouraging conversation and debate. A recent report on diversity in Fortune 500 companies boards shows that those boards with greater gender diversity also have better than the average financial performance. 

The new Prime Minister has also discussed the idea of encouraging businesses to implement employee representation on boards

This conversation is an important on to have in the public sphere. There is the need for organisations' boards to reflect the stakeholders and communities they represent. With the necessary training and support, board membership can bring a wealth of benefits to the individuals serving those boards. There are also myriad advantages for the organisations themselves.