This is a valuable discussion about the benefits and challenges faced by community-led regeneration and made more engaging by the informality of the narrative. Indeed, Georgie Grant and Naomi Griffith capture the arduous yet gratifying process of developing relationships in the community and turning knowledge assets into tangible plans and, in the end, a new museum for the town. 

I also like this article because it highlights the necessity of pooling diverse skill sets to develop a strong regeneration plan. Grant and Griffith correctly suggest that negotiations with stakeholders, Council's, neighbours, and contractors can be complicated and difficult but the strength of the community's knowledge coupled with their faith in the project resulted in a genuinely positive project - in this case, a Boat Museum - coming to fruition.

Our experience with regeneration, either through our work supporting Big Local Reps across England or Enfield's Meridian Water, confirms this bottom-up,  community-led approach can be time-intensive and challenging but ultimately can produce meaningful change and improvement for local communities.