Sadiq Khan's comment on the importance of social integration rather than assimilation will resonate with everyone working in the field of migration - and is particularly poignant for the UK given the painful undercurrents to Brexit and resulting rise in Xenophobia.

Even in London, which has long prided itself on cultural diversity, the term 'cohesive communities' can seem a somewhat spindly term these days, worn down by years of arguing about what it means, how we fund it, and who decides what to do next.

All the more significant that the Mayor of London is seen to promote social integration on an international stage as an active, complex and symbiotic process as opposed to the complacent passivity implied by assimilation.

Perhaps London can lead the way through here - but we'll need to build on Khan's commitment, not just to provide rules and systems, but to model the kind of courage, humility and openness to different cultural values which give immigrants a genuine opportunity to contribute.